After Tenancy Cleaning

We offer the fastest end-of-tenancy support service, which means while you are busy packing and moving out we look after the tedious part of it, i.e. cleaning up the premises. We ensure that you leave your rented accommodation in a prim and proper condition. Unkempt premises can invite bad or below average referral and non-refunding of your deposits. Property owners are particularly concerned about the sanitation of the rented area since they have to keep it well maintained for new tenants. Moving out of your previous rented accommodation should not be a stressful experience as you already have your hands full with packing and relocating. Hiring a premium end-of-tenancy cleaning service can take lot of burden off your shoulders.

Our service includes flawless cleaning of most difficult part of the house namely the kitchen and bathroom. No matter how particular you have been over the years these areas tend to get dirty. Kitchen, particularly the cooking area is highly greased and ruined by stains. We employ cleaning agents that will target the stubborn stains and remove them in matter of few minutes. We scrub, wash, polish and mop the entire space; at the end of the cleaning program you will observe a noticeable change.